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Fade to Black by David Rosenfelt

Doug Brock returns in Fade to Black, the new book from David Rosenfelt. Brock is a New Jersey cop who has amnesia as a result of being shot in the line of duty. Brock is trying to piece his life back together, including getting to know his fiance again and going to a support group for amnesia sufferers as he prepares to go back to work. A member of his support group, Sean Conner, approaches him and asks him to look into a mystery in Sean’s life. A scrapbook Sean has discovered in his attic relates to a murder victim and Sean has no recollection of her or the book. Doug convinces his captain to reopen the case and learns that he himself was involved in putting the man accused of the woman’s murder behind bars.

Doug reexamines the evidence including interviewing the man he helped put behind bars. When Sean turns up dead, murdered in dramatic fashion, Doug is convinced he’s on the right track. Now Doug is on a trail that involves mobsters in New Jersey and Las Vegas. With the help of h…

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