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Impostor Syndrome by Mishell Baker

Mishell Baker concludes The Arcadia Project trilogy in outstanding fashion with Impostor Syndrome. The events pick up shortly after where they left off in Phantom Pains and both the Arcadia Project and Arcadia itself are in turmoil. With part of the United States Project members split off after discovery of Worldwide and UK head Dame Belinda’s treachery, the whole project is in chaos. Many project members are unsure who to follow and it is even more confusing for Aradia, already poised on the brink of civil war, to figure out which side of the conflict is right.

It is up to Millie to come up with a plan to prevail in the conflict without destroying all the progress that has been made in both worlds. Matters get more complicated when her own partner is framed for murder. Now all she needs to do is free her partner, save the project and try not to destroy Arcadia.

Baker has created some very layered and interesting characters. They navigate physical, mental and emotional difficulties …

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