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The Empress by S.J. Kincaid

The Empress by S.J. Kincaid continues the story begun in Diabolic and picks up right where events left off in the first book. Nemesis and Tyrus have seized control of the Empire, but will they be able to hold onto it?

Tyrus is intent on gaining full control of his powers in the face of enemies with strong ties to the old way of doing things and much to lose if he succeeds. What Tyrus is proposing is truly heretical and while popular with the lower classes or “excess” poses a threat to the Grandiloquy. Nemesis is intent on protecting Tyrus and is willing to be far more ruthless than he would contemplate. When Nemesis and Tyrus are outmaneuvered, they set off for the Sacred City to either find the Interdict who’s edicts have kept the empire on a path away from science and towards mysticism, or to disprove his existence. What they find is unexpected and will have shocking repercussions both for them and the empire.

Kincaid’s universe with it’s anti-science fanaticism ironically built on hi…

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