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Vector by James Abel

The latest biothriller from James Abel takes Joe Rush from the jungles of Brazil to New York and across the United States in Vector. In Brazil to study malaria, Joe and his partner Eddie Nakamura get talked into poking around to see if they can find anything about terrorists groups planning an attack on the United States or its interests by an old FBI contact. When Eddie goes missing, Joe must track him down and in doing so, stumbles onto a threat far worse than anyone was expecting.

Meanwhile, a homegrown terrorist is back in New York planning the release of modified mosquitoes infected with a newer, deadlier strain of malaria. Joe sets out to rescue Eddie with the help of Brazilian police captain Izabel Santo before heading back to the States. Once there he must try to stop the terrorists before their attack can spread in truly devastating fashion.

I’ve read enough poorly executed biothrillers to appreciate a good one like Vector all the more. James Abel (pseudonym for Bob Reiss) take…

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