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Magicians Impossible by Brad Abraham

Magicians Impossible is a fantasy story with the pacing of a thriller. It grabs you on page one and continues to impress and propel you forward all the way to the end. Abraham keeps you off balance and uncertain throughout, but the answers feel earned. Even if you guess the answer to some of the puzzles, there’s enough going on to keep you entertained all the way to the end.

Jason Bishop is adrift in life. He’s a 30 year old bartender dealing with the death by suicide of his estranged father. It comes as a shock to him to learn that his father was a secret agent in a shadowy, magic-wielding organization (The Invisible Hand) engaged in a war with another equally shadowy magic-wielding organization (The Golden Dawn). Jason is told he also has magical abilities which he must learn to harness or be killed.

Jason discovers that not only is he adept at magic, but that it provides a sense of fulfilment he has always been lacking. He also discovers that he never really knew his father. As he is…

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