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Robots of Gotham by Todd McAulty

A near future USA in a world where machine intelligences have taken over much of the United States as well as the rest of the world is the setting for Robots of Gotham by Todd McAulty. An outstanding debut novel with a well-realized and frighteningly believable world.

The story is told through the eyes of Canadian businessman Barry Simcoe who arrives in Chicago to conduct some business when he finds that the war in Chicago isn’t quite as over as he thought it was. Barry finds himself saving a wounded diplomat robot and befriending a Russian doctor, a Chicago realtor, a Venezuelan soldier and a near-starving dog. If that’s not enough, he stumbles upon a plot that could mean the end of humanity.

If this sounds like a lot going on, it is. But McAulty skillfully plays the story out so that it never feels overwhelming. Barry makes for a great protagonist as he is smart and uncommonly brave. McAulty has created a rich, complex world and he has filled it with compelling characters and a fas…

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