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Like Lions by Brian Panowich

Hillbilly noir is a thing and it’s kinda awesome! At least it is in the hands of Brian Panowich in his new novel, Like Lions. Lions is the follow-up to his debut, Bull Mountain and takes us back to rural Georgia and the Burroughs clan. Clayton Burroughs is sheriff but also a member of the Burroughs crime family which formerly ran all the drug operations in that part of Georgia. A family looking for a new leader, since Clayton killed the last one.

Clayton is also recovering from injuries which nearly killed him several months earlier. He is in physical and emotional pain. This pain, along with his drinking, has put a strain on his marriage to Kate. Now one group wants to run their criminal enterprise through Clayton’s county and another thinks that the Burroughs are weakened enough to make them a target. Clayton is trying to break the chain of criminality that he was raised on, but when a member of a rival clan winds up dead, it threatens to kick off a war that threatens Clayton’s fam…

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