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Naked Came The Florida Man by Tim Dorsey

Hurricanes, lost treasure and a tour of famous Florida gravesites all come together in Naked Came the Florida Man by Tim Dorsey. The lovable, if slightly unbalanced, heroes Serge and Coleman are traveling across Florida visiting famous gravesites. They start by fleeing a current hurricane and eventually their path intersects with the present-day fallout from the Great Hurricane of 1928.

Serge and Coleman make their way across Florida dispensing historic trivia as well as their own brand of justice and violence upon any wrongdoers who happened to cross their path.

Long-time fans will enjoy another adventure with the quirky pair. Their interactions will have you alternately shaking your head and laughing out loud. Serge likes to dispense homespun wisdom such as “..cakes are the pole dancers of the bakery world but pie is the girl you take home to Mom.” Coleman is happy so long as he can find something to fashion a bong out of.

As much as I enjoyed spending time with Serge and Coleman, …

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