How I Became A Famous Novelist, by Steve Hely

Truly laugh-out-loud funny books are too rare, but this is one of them.  I was hooked from the first chapter and by the end of the second chapter I’d picked up a second copy to give to a friend so I could stop messaging her constantly about how funny this book is.  

This is a faux memoir about a cynical young writer who decides to write a best selling novel for one main reason:  spite.  The book is a cynical look at the publishing world mocking best-selling authors, publishers and reviewers.  It smartly skewers all of them.  It is impossible for me to walk through a bookstore without chuckling thinking about this book.

Healy looks both at common literary devices as well as the calculations that may or may not (but probably do) occur in publishing houses, college literature departments as well as the minds of authors.  Ironically, you can’t write a book this funny without being well-read and a pretty good writer yourself, which Healy clearly is.  

This is a book that should appeal to anyone, but is a must read for any lover of books.  Highly recommended.

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