The Leviathan Effect by James Lilliefors

The Leviathan Effect is a very interesting type of thriller.  It has computer hacking, shadowy foreign agents, and weather control.  The use of weather as a weapon is a truly frightening yet very believable concept.  Mother nature as an implacable and capricious villain who may or may not be controllable by terrorists manages to keep the suspense ramping up throughout the novel.

The characters of Homeland Security Secretary Catherine Blaine and ex-CIA agent Charles Mallory are exceptionally well-written.  From the beginning, it is clear that James Lilliefors is a very good writer who knows how to write characters.  Their actions feel realistic.  At times it was almost maddening how slow they were to take action, yet at the same time, it was probably a more realistic portrayal of how someone would really act in those situations.  

Lilliefors also skillfully mixes a mystery of murdered scientists and journalists with a clear and growing threat to the United States in the form of a hurricane of unprecedented proportions.  The merging of these storylines feels organic and well-plotted.  

The Leviathan Effect is a highly intelligent thriller with great plot, great characters and plenty of suspense.  Lilliefors is a writer to watch and I look forward to his next book.  Highly recommended.

I was fortunate to receive an advance copy of this book.

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