Pawn: A Chronicle of the Sibyl's War by Timothy Zahn

Timothy Zahn kicks off a great new space opera trilogy with Pawn: A Chronicle of the Sibyl’s War. Zahn is no stranger to space adventure and Pawn shows he is still hitting on all cylinders.

19-year-old Nicole and frenemy/street thug Bungie along with the ER doctor they’ve kidnapped to treat Bungie’s wounds are in turn abducted and find themselves on the spaceship Fyrantha where they have been recruited as part of a maintenance crew.
Nicole finds that she is a Sibyl, which means with some pharmaceutical help, she can understand the living ship’s instructions and relay them to others. Nicole discovers she has it better on Fyrantha than she ever did on the streets of Philadelphia. Bungie, however, is desperate to escape and Nicole’s fear of his wrath leads her to explore areas of the ship which should be off limits. She discovers that there are several alien races on board beyond the ones who abducted her and that the ship holds a lot of mystery. How big is it? What is its purpose? And who is really in control?
Zahn does a great job of letting you see the ship through Nicole’s eyes, with new discoveries and new mysteries around every corner. Her actions have consequences both intended and unintended. Nicole’s life has been spent keeping her head down and trying to survive. But she is skilled at reading people, and her newfound and growing confidence on board Fyrantha sees her start to come out of her shell and steer her destiny rather than be swept away by it.
Pawn is a great story of discovery and adventure. Zahn captures the wonder of space and starships and aliens. The characters are solid and interesting, the action is exciting and the mystery will keep you turning the pages to find out what happens next. Pawn kicks off a space opera adventure trilogy that will keep you up until you finish it and then have you eagerly awaiting the next installment. Fans of his previous work will love it and it’s a great place for new fans to jump in. Highly recommended!
I was fortunate to receive an advance copy of this book.
Description: Nicole Lee’s life is going nowhere. No family, no money, and stuck in a relationship with a thug named Bungie. But, after one of Bungie’s “deals” goes south, he and Nicole are whisked away by a mysterious moth-like humanoid to a strange ship called the Fyrantha.
Once aboard, life on the ship seems too good to be true. All she has to do is work on one of the ship’s many maintenance crews. However, she learned long ago that nothing comes without a catch. When she’s told to keep quiet and stop asking questions, she knows she is on to something.
Nicole soon discovers that many different factions are vying for control of the Fyrantha, and she and her friends are merely pawns in a game beyond their control. But, she is tired of being used, and now Nicole is going to fight.

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