Project Nemesis (A Kaiju Thriller) by Jeremy Robinson

Project Nemesis is a throwback and homage to monster books and movies from years ago as well as a brand new direction for giant monsters, or Kaiju.  Either way it is a lot of fun and a nice light entertaining read.

Project Nemesis keeps the mix just about right.  You’ve got enough character depth to keep you rooting for or against the heroes and villains along with the right amount of monster description and scenes of death, destruction and general rampage to keep the pages flying and the stakes increasing.  The good guys are a little too good and nearly indestructible, and the bad guys a little too evil and indestructible, but that’s kind of the point.  The goal here, I think, is not so much believability as plausibility.  

Robinson keeps the danger and the action ramping up throughout.  The heroes, Hudson and Collins grow as well while they must stay ahead not only of the beast, but its creators.  It all combines to keep the pages flying.  This is escapist fun at its best.

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