The Blood Gospel, by James Rollins and Rebecca Cantrell

I’ve long been a fan of James Rollins’ work, and his collaboration with Rebecca Cantrell on The Blood Gospel has produced one of his best books yet.

Take a really interesting idea, add some great characters and a lot of action and you wind up with a very fun and entertaining book.  This book has exoctic locales, from Israel to Italy and Germany to Russia, as well as events spanning from biblical times all the way to the present.

I’ve enjoyed Rollins for his great action, which this book has, but the addition of the supernatural elements and greater depth of characterization here I have to attribute to Cantrell.  It’s a collaboration that really seems to work.  Rollins and Cantrell quickly boil the cast down to three central and engaging characters.  Each has a backstory, parts of which are revealed as the novel progresses.  Fascinating supporting characters are folded in throughout the story.  There are a number of “whoa” moments as some of these characters and events are revealed.

Part of the thrill of The Blood Gospel is the taking of events which most people are familiar with and putting a new interpretation on them which leads to chilling consequences if the heroes aren’t able to overcome them.  The balancing act which is done so well here is to tell a thrilling story that keeps charging ahead, while also setting the stage for future books in the series with a world and characters that have so much left to explore.

Rollins and Cantrell have created a huge world and reality to explore and I can’t wait to read more adventures in it.  Highly recommended.  I was fortunate to receive an advance copy of this book.

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